Wash & Fold Services


Our laundry service is ideal for both your clothing and household items, and is easy to use. Simply place your dirty laundry in the heavy duty personal laundry bag provided free of charge. If this is your first order the driver will be sure to bring a bag along. That’s all you have to do.

We care for your laundry as we would care for our own

Your items will be sorted and separated into whites, lights, darks, and delicates. Next the items will be placed into one or our new front-loading HE washing machines. The appropriate temperature setting is applied based on the items – white / hot, lights/warm, darks/cold – unless instructed otherwise.

All customer orders are washed individually and are never mixed or washed together.

Laundry detergents according to your preferences – perfect for people with allergies or sensitive skin

We use only the highest quality detergents, bleaches, and fabric softeners (optional). We offer environmentally friendly ECOS detergent, ALL allergy free, and OXI-CLEAN non-chlorine bleach upon request. Your items will then be dried, promptly folded, and neatly bundled to reduce wrinkling.

Reasonable prices and quick turnaround

Generally, the turnaround for wash & fold orders is one business day. If your wash & fold order also contains dry clean or laundered items the order will be delivered when the entire order is complete. Pick up and delivery can be arranged from your home or office at a schedule that suits your needs.

Wash and Fold orders are charged by the pound. However, large or time-consuming items (such as blankets, comforters/duvets, pillows, and rugs/mats) are subject to additional charges.

A thoughtful gift for new parents, elderly relatives, friends or family recovering from illness

Our personal laundry delivery service can make life easier when life events, ill health or a new baby require more of your extra time and energy.

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